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Pre Visit Checklist

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1. Furniture in the offices and classrooms is adequate and in good condition.      
2. Chairs and desks in the classroom are adequate for the number of students served and appropriate for the age of the studnts in each classroom.      
3. Bulletin Boards and chalk or white boards are adequate for the instructional activities.      
4. Lightening and ventilation in the classrooms are adequate for the instructional activities.      
5. Quality of teaching materials is aapropriate and in good condition.      
6. First aid kits are avaiable in all classrooms.      
7. Emergency exit information is available and posted in all classrooms and offices.      
8. Internal and external communications (phone, fax and internet) are available throughout the school.      
9. Storage space is available and orderly.      

10. The health room is in a suitable location, has appropriate furniture, proper storage of medicines and first aid supplies, student health records are properly secured, medic tools and supplies are available. Privacy is provided when needed.

11. Library is appropriate for the studnts served including shelves for books and tables/chairs for group reading.      
12. Science labs have proper ventilation, appropriate storage of supplies and chemicals, fire extinguishers and blankets are availabe in the chemistry lab.      
13. Computers in the classrooms or in the computer lab have proper electrical grounding and internet service.      
14. Art room contains only fire resistant supplies and sinks are available.      
15. Areas where food is served are safe, clean and hygienic.      
16. Restrooms are clean, hygienic and provide privacy for students.      
17. Stairways are clean, uncluttered and provide adequate passage room for students.      
18 Playgrounds or any area for external use of students are well maintained and safety measures carefullu considered.      
19. The exterior of the school is well maitained, neat and attractive.      
20. The school has an emergency response plan and a student safety plan that are communicated to staff and students.