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ESI Activities & Partners

School Construction, Marketing and Management

ESI works closely with the giant foundation of Futures Educational Systems. The latter consists of 17 different campuses located at various cities in Egypt. ESI provides assistance and academic as well as technical support for programs that offered at different campuses.
ESI planned, designed, and constructed schools at Dahab, Hurghada, and Suez. Moreover, marketing plan has been established and executed prior to opening of schools. The latter have been effectively managed by ESI.
Currently, ESI is working on other three campuses at Assiout, Menia and Alexandria cities.
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Accreditation of National Programs in Egypt

The ESI has cooperation with ATLAS which is a non-governmental, voluntary organization that offers education services for public and private schools in Egypt. To earn accreditation, schools must meet Egyptian National Standards, be evaluated by a group of professionals, and implement a school improvement plan that focuses on increasing student performance.
ESI is in the process of reaching agreement with National Association of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Education to train teachers and prepare support and advice schools on national standards and accreditation.
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Schools Enterprise Management System

SEMS is proposed as a complete K-12 school management system, a new full-featured Intranet / Internet Web-based system that were built completely for our Egyptian schools.
The system capabilities include the basics, such as report cards, attendance, and discipline as well as many other specialized capabilities, including parental access to real time student grades on the Internet and country wide support for multiple schools on a single, cluster or stand alone servers, running on Microsoft Windows 2000 Server operating system, and uses Microsoft SQL Database.
ESI installed, trained, implemented and monitored the system at 10 governmental and 17 private schools not only in Egypt but also at other neighboring countries.
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skoool Website

Skoool website is empowered by Intel and owned by ESI as commitment towards social responsibilities in Egypt. ESI is the pioneer that presents Skoool website which provides millions of students and thousands of teachers with technologically integrated core Egyptian curriculum.
Skoool website is a digital learning tool that provides an unlimited access to the Math and Science National Curriculum for students, teachers and parents for FREE. Skoool website is internationally recognized for its value in enhancing and optimizing the educational mechanism for active members of the educational process.
Skoool website will be surfed in Arabic and English languages.
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Accreditation of International Programs

ESI has a partnership with one of the prominent international commission for accreditation; the American International Accreditation Association for Schools & Colleges (AIAAsc).
AIAAsc is an association of accredited schools which is committed to advance excellence in education through the process of accreditation. ESI is the sole representative of AIAAsc in the region and oversees the entire process.
Qualified team members are available to support schools and train school community to meet AIAAsc's standards and earn accreditation. Furthermore, ESI and AIAAsc organize workshops meetings and conferences for teachers, leaders and owners of schools.
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ESI partner with American International College

ESI has a partnership with one of the most reputable universities in America, the American International College (AIC).
AIC is a four year, coeducational, comprehensive college located in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA.
Accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, AIC is providing transforming educational experiences educators that will enable them to pursue personal and professional goals in the competitive global environment. ESI oversees the program and plan for continuous improvement. Eventually, the Master Degree Program will be integrated to the other programs offered at (Deraya and Sherouk Universities).
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ESI Partner with Middle East Association of National Schools

ESI is a partner with Middle East Association of National Schools (MEANS). MEANS is a not-for-profit organization which manages and oversees the operations of professional development programs, the delivery of academic programs in the area of in-service development, teacher training, management and business training, and consulting services in a broad range of education-related fields.
MEANS is also responsible for the coordination and administration of teacher training and school improvement programs, through its institutes, academic workshops, and seminars for teachers and administrators working in American programs.
ESI, MEANS and AIC provide educational services in Egypt and throughout the Middle East by offering various current and future educational professional development opportunities, including, a Master's Degree of Education in International Education, from American International College.
Moreover, ESI and MEANS are ready to launch a new program focus on enhancing teachers' knowledge and skills.
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Fastrackids is a revolutionary enrichment education system. This program is designed to enrich the knowledge of pre-school-age children.
The Fastrackids challenges students to think productively while simultaneously developing their speaking, communication and leadership skills.
ESI introduced and implemented the program at approximately 50 governmental and private schools in Egypt.
ESI is launching campaign to increase awareness of teachers, school directors and parents to the significant of the program on the lifelong learning.
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Novel / Stars "EdOptions"

A comprehensive online internet-based middle, and high school educational system that provides unique curriculum delivery capabilities including automated assessment, individualized prescriptive remediation, and comprehensive reporting.
The curriculum consists of 33 core courses and electives that meet learning standards in American program.
ESI successfully implemented the online program at number of schools offering International Programs.
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One-to-One Learning Bridges ESI and Intel

Intel presented the personal computer that makes learning processes meaningful and enjoyable for students. Indeed, one-to-one learning allows students to learn at their own level and capacity. The concept is rapidly growing worldwide and will be the key for transforming education and better preparing students to succeed globally.
Unlike a traditional approach, giving students access to personal technology enables them to be self-directed and get highly personalized instruction. Generally, one-to-one program allows each student to take charge of his/her own learning, access homework assignments, research topics, and work in collaboration with others.
ESI introduced the One-to-One learning to schools along with digital curriculum and training programs for educators.

Moreover, ESI provides support for schools during implementation phase to affirm the effective utilization of the system.
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