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11 Effective Instructional Practices that Work

Saturday, March 19th 2016

Presenter: Dr. Drew Hinds & Dr. Jacob Francom

The American International Accreditation Association Cairo base was pleased to host educators from a wide variety of schools to attend a workshop titled "11 Effective Instructional Strategies that Work".
The workshop has been presented by Dr. Drew Hinds and Dr. Jacob Francom who invited participants to examine variety of teaching practices in a game based learning environment. Participants at the workshop received insights and practical tips on instructional strategies that work best for their students.

Moreover, the action planning day was filled with role plays, drama, pantomimes and charades that engage and support participants to create effective designed models for learning. Large numbers of educators including teachers, school principals and owners have shared and communicated innovative strategies to foster a more authentic project based learning climate. At the end, feedback from attendees was very positive as the workshop atmosphere was vibrant, attractive, and professional.

You can view the presentation from here.