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Innovative approach to Student's Mindset

Saturday, March 3rd 2018
09:00 AM - 03:00 PM

Presenter: Dr. Eric Kellerer

The American International Accreditation Association was pleased to host educators from a wide variety of schools to attend a workshop titled "Innovative Approach to Student’s Mindset".

The workshop has been presented by Dr. Eric Kellerer, Head of the center for innovation in teaching and learning at Northwest Nazarene University. The workshop led participants to dig deep into tools and strategies on how to reverse students’ mindsets and help them build grit for learning. During the workshop, discussions have engaged participants to answer questions like how do you help your students to move forward in their learning and overcome their mental learning obstacles? The main focus of the workshop was to assist educators to effectively implement innovative teaching techniques to assist the mindset of students’ learning.

Over 100 participants including teachers, school principals and owners have shared and communicated innovative practices for a more productive students’ learning experience.