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Why Project Based Learning?

Project Based Learning is a systematic teaching method that engages students in learning important Knowledge and 21st Century skills through an extended, student influenced inquiry process structured around complex, authentic questions and carefully designed products and learning tasks.

Edu Systems International is geared toward engaging students in long term complex learning experience where knowledge and skills can be further advanced. For the last two Academic years, ESI has worked collaboratively with FES schools to actively engage students and teachers through project based learning journey.

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What is Quality Assurance? And how it is different from accreditation?

Simply, quality assurance indicates to the existence of a system. Whereby personal understand and accept responsibilities.
A quality assurance system features 3 major phases i.e. planning, doing & education. The system is expressed in policies and procedures. The later is aminable for changes based on feedback collected form stakeholders following execution of the plan.

Quality assurance can lead to accreditation when meets standards. Therefore accreditation is a process where existing systems is evaluated in reference to a set standards.
Accreditation involves identifying gaps in the system and construct improvement plan.

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Project-based learning is based on rigorous, experiential learning through authentic classroom projects.
This instructional method challenges students with in-depth, open-ended questions designed to promote inquiry-based problem solving and critical thinking skills.

This program will cover the following: defining project-based learning; student-driven learning; project-based curriculum elements; experiential learning; and student projects. These segments will illustrate key strategies for creating a project-based learning environment where students learn by doing.

Project-based learning focuses on open-ended questions that stimulate students' quest for knowledge and understanding. As students delve into a subject with rigorous and relevant hands-on, experiential encounters, they learn to apply what they have learned to the world outside the classroom.

It's not so much what kids can know. You can't know everything; it's more about what kids can do—the skill sets that allow them to become knowledgeable about things that are important. "

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AIAA's Executive Director visit to Egypt

Dr. Ray Lindley, the executive Director of American International Accreditation Association, is visiting Egypt during the period 10-18 April, 2014. Dr Lindley will present a workshop on quality assurance and accreditation in Egypt and its values for schools and community. The workshop will be held at Conference Hall, at Edu-Systems International, on Saturday April 12, 2014. Educators are welcome to register for the "free of charge" workshop via ESI website. He will be visiting AIAA's School Members' in different cities in Egypt.

Dr. Lindley will be operating from AIAA's office in Cairo, at Edu-Systems International.

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