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ESI Credentials

ESI (Edu-Systems International) is the first education industry development enterprise in Egypt with the aim to improve the educational operation, systems and tools in order to contribute to the general education reform program endorsed by the government.

Completed Projects

Preparation of schools for accreditation by international organizations:

Al Azab International School, 2014 (In progress)

Academic consultation and preparation of bylaws for Badr University, 2013

Faculty of Pharmacy
Faculty of Nursing
Faculty of Physical Therapy
Faculty of Dentistry
Faculty of Management, Finance & Economic Science

Project Based Learning, "Urban Ecology" Futures Educational Systems, 2013

Preparation of schools for accreditation by International organizations:

Victoria International school, 2012
Trust International School, 2012
El Nasr American School, 2012

International Conference on Classroom Strategies for the Effective Teacher, 2013

Workshop on Innovation in Educations, 2013

Educational Consultation on Quality Assurance

Andalous American School, 2012
Modern American School of Alex., 2012

Professional Development Program on Leadership for Directors, General Secretariat of Church, 2012

Project Based Learning, "Toy Factory" Futures Educational Systems, 2013

International Conference on Democracy, Education and Egypt, 2012

Establishment of "Educational Domain" in cooperation with partners for sustainable development to promote Digital Learning, 2012

Providing, installing and training on School Enterprise Management System foe IBE in cooperation with EBLA, Kuwait, 2012

Preparation of schools for accreditation by International organizations:

Amer International School, 2012

Contracting with International Finance Corporation to advance quality education in Egypt.

TILO project to enhance student' learning outcomes in schools at Cairo, Alexandria, Fayoum, BeniSweif, Menyia, Aswan and Kenna.  2012

Preparation of schools for accreditation by International organizations:

Delta International school, 2012
Futures International School, 2012
Orouba Intentional School, Saudi, 2012

Constructing strategic plan for Sadaat City Language School, 2012

School Management and Preparation for Accreditation

El Masrya American school, 2011
Futures Educational schools, 2011

Preparation of schools for accreditation by International organizations

Royal International school, 2011
Akhnatoon International School, 2011
Asseddiq International School, 2011
Sonna El Haya International School, 2011

Preparation of schools for accreditation by International organizations:

Royal International school, 2011
Genius International School, 2010
Gheriany International School, 2010
Bedayia International School, 2010

Supplier and training on  One-to-One learning program to Ceyscheel via C4 Advanced Solutions, United Arab Emarat, 2010

Initial visit for accreditation to different International Schools, Riyadh, Jeddah; Saudi Arabia.

Middle East International School
Orouba International School
Aliqbal American School
Najed International School
Al Alson American School
Sunrise International School
Ozone International School
Wisdom International School

Teachers Training on Quality Assurance and Accreditation by National Authority of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Education

Futures Educational Systems, 2010
        (more than 1000 teachers)  

Professional development programs for approximately 350 teachers working at schools located at different cities in Egypt, 7-16 February 2010

Training program on learning and content management systems.  Futures Directors,  December 2009.

Teacher training On-line program via Novel/star

El Nasr American School

Training programs on Growing Up Ready Laboratories.  Teachers of Manarat Schools at Saudia Arabia, 15-20 August 2009 

Training programs on application of technology in classroom.  Teachers of Manarat Schools at Saudia Arabia, 15-20 August 2009

Training and professional development for teachers and administration.

Valley and Al Waha School, 2009
Saint George International School, 2009

Consultation and training on process of accreditation and preparation of school for full scale visit

Ramsis American School, Giza, 2009
Tiba American School, Alexandria, 2008

Installation, teachers training and implementation of CMPC at schools

Suzan Mubarak 100-Smart-Schools' project
Al Kholafae El Rashideen School
Dar Al Saada School
Saint Sun Ostor School
Futures Educational Systems
Dahab Language School
Hurghada Language School
Omar Ibn Al Khattab Public School
Al Shaheed Taha Badawi School
Al Awael Language School

Installation and teachers training on interactive board in classrooms

Futures Educational Systems
Dahab Language School
Hurghada Language School

Masters Degree in International Education

14 educators graduated in 2011
34 educators graduated in 2010
19 educators graduated in 2009
24 graduates obtained Degree in 2008

Teacher training On-line program

On line courses via Novel/star
Awael International School
Futures International School
Al Waha American School
Valley American School

Training and professional development for educators 2008, 2009

Futures Educational Systems
Dahab Language School
Hurghada Language School
Marsa Alam Language School

Training on Implementation of FasTracKids Curriculum and Guidelines for Egyptian schools

Futures Educational Systems
Public Schools (40)

Establishment and construction of Skoool portal, Egypt (

Free website for students registered at governmental school, 2007-2009

Introducing and implementing technology and activities at schools, 2008-2009

Oracle Think quest 1
Oracle Think quest 2
Cisco Acadamy
Company project "Injaz"
Between you and me
Global teenager project
Oracle academy

Project on evaluation of educational capacity building programs

Intel teach program provided by MOE for teachers in 26 Governorates, 2008

Research on effectiveness of utilization of technology in learning process, 2008-2009

Futures Tech., Heliopolis
Othman Language School, Rehab city
Futures El Rehab Language School
El Kholafa El Rashedeen Public School, El Salam City

Deployment of School Enterprise Management System in Egyptian schools

Futures Educational Systems
Public Schools (9)

Consultation on construction, architectural, finishing and furniture drawings

Hurghada Language School, 2007-2009
Dahab Language School, 2008-2009
Fustat  Language School, 2007-2009

Consultation on refurbishing projects

Futures Headquarter and administration office, 2009
L'Ecole de l'Avenir -French School -El Rehab

Training on enhancement of educational process at school, 2009

Gheryani International School
Modern American school of Egypt 2000
Saint George Language School
Thebes Language School
Saint Peter School
Cairo Modern House
Mansoura College
Delta College
Pioneers Language School
Ramsis American School
Manarat EL Mostakbal School
Egyptian Language School
Victory School
El Massreya Schools
Rajac Language School
Noor Language School
Saint Mary Language School

Organize International Job Fair for educators