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Welcome to Edu Systems International

Edu-Systems International is a leading firm in education that committed to excellence in school management, consultancy and quality assurance.

The team members have outstanding and worldwide experience in the entire aspects of management of educational institutions. The organization involves those members with great passion for education to enhance and assure students' learning by supporting school community and engagement of stakeholders.

We help our clients to reach and achieve their goals via quality school management system, human resources development, recruitment, professional development and building capacity, curricular integrations, digital contents & e-learning solutions, quality assurance and accreditation.

Edu-Systems International introduces integrated solutions for our clients to become the best-in-class organizations, as we revolutionize management and learning venues.

We provide venues to our clients for global approach via offering Master's Degree in International Education by American International College, accreditation services by American International Association of Accreditation, and professional certificates by MEANS.

Online Slideshow on ESI Activities

ESI provides wide range of educational services and products that can help educational institutions to advance the quality of education.
This presentation focuses on various activities including school management, professional development, technology integration in learning and quality assurance in education.

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Latest News

Differentiated Learning, Differentiated Teaching.

April 13th, 2019

AIAA is pleased to announce for schools and educators the workshop for 2019 titled "Differentiated Learning, Differentiated Teaching".

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Improvement of Instruction & Learning Workshop

October 20th, 2018

AIAA is pleased to announce for schools and educators its second workshop for 2018 titled Improvement of Instruction & Learning.

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Innovative approach to Student's Mindset

March 3rd, 2018

Growth Mindset is one of the most important research discoveries in the 21st Century.

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SMART Goals & Student Improvement

October 14th, 2017

Participants will learn about setting and using smart goals for constructing an effective plan that assures students improvement.

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AIAA Workshop on Common Core Standards

April 8th, 2017

The American International Accreditation Association was pleased to host educators from a wide variety of schools to attend a workshop titled "Common Core Standards".

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Effective Learning VIA Technology - Workshop

October 22nd, 2016

Workshop participants will receive insights and practical tips on effective instructional uses of technology to engage students .......

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