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Project Based Learning 2014 Competition :: KODU Game Lab

Project Based Learning is a systematic teaching method that engages students in learning important Knowledge and 21st Century skills through an extended, student influenced inquiry process structured around complex, authentic questions and carefully designed products and learning tasks.

This year Students are studying mathematical and programming concepts through the use of an interactive game development environment "Kodu".
In a given class, students will work with their teachers to develop programming experience on how to design computer- based games.
In a group, students will work with Kodu program to design educational games that incorporates either mathematical, Language, or scientific ideas. In addition, students will learn some of the core concepts in programming and game design, such as conditional execution of statements and object-oriented programming. The group goal is to design computer-based games to present and demonstrate how it works in an exhibition day.

Edu Systems International was honored to host one of the most oustatnding event that included 7 branches of Futures Educational Systems: Futures Tech, Fustat, Mokattam, Maadi, Nasr City Boys, Serrag and Othman Schools.
ESI team members would like to thank the school directors for giving us support and facilitating the production of such event, which helps in engaging our students in long term complex learning experience where knowledge and skills can be further advanced.