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National Accreditation

ESI is cooperating with ATLAS, which is a non-governmental, voluntary organization that offers education services for public and private schools in Egypt. To earn accreditation, schools must meet Egyptian National Standards, be evaluated by a group of professionals, and implement a school improvement plan focused on increasing student performance.
ESI can help and support your school to demonstrate a commitment to developing a quality educational environment and to be recognized as a school that meets quality standards.

Steps for preparation of shool for accreditation:

Fill in the provided application form.
Contact ESI representative to inform your interest in implementing standards for accreditation.
ESI representative will arrange a visit to your school and meet with the Owners or Director.
ESI will present a complete proposal to the leadership of the school.
ESI representative will provide the school with the required materials and guidelines.
ESI will prepare the school for self-study and guide the school to earn accreditation.
ESI will continue working with the school to assure the continuous improvement of the school and program.