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AIC 7th Cohort Graduation Announcment

American International College is pleased to celebrate the graduation of the 7th cohort of the Masters' Degree program in International Education; Cairo Campus on July 11th, 2014.

The event will take place at Edu Systems International main hall.

AIC Community members will be present to confer the certificates.

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Recognition of AIAAsc by the Egyptian Ministry of Education

Ministry of education has recognized the American International Association of Accreditation of Schools and Colleges as accrediting agency for Egyptian Schools that offer American Program.

Lately, a number of schools have chosen to switch and work with AIAA to enhance the quality of education at their school. Moreover, the schools have already obtained the ministry approval to be accredited by American International Association of Accreditation. Indeed, AIAASC will provide stamping services for students who are enrolled at the members' schools.

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PBL 2014 Project :: Kodu Game Lab

This year Students are studying mathematical and programming concepts through the use of an interactive game development environment "Kodu".
In a given class, students will work with their teachers to develop programming experience on how to design computer- based games.
In a group, students will work with Kodu program to design educational games that incorporates either mathematical, Language, or scientific ideas.

In addition, students will learn some of the core concepts in programming and game design, such as conditional execution of statements and object-oriented programming. The group goal is to design computer-based games to present and demonstrate how it works in an exhibition day.

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Teacher and Education Quality

The future of our country and the world depends on our children and college students receiving the best instructions. Therefore, improving the quality of education presents a focal goal for educators worldwide.
The word quality education embraces different domains. In fact, teachers are considered to be on the top list for improving the quality of learning. Certainly, the educational change is greatly influenced by the teacher's personal, technical, and professional skills. Subsequently, setting standards for attaining highly qualified teachers are of great importance.

The National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Egypt has identified criteria, indicators and practices of quality teachers located as follows:
1) Teachers creates students centered learning environment that facilitates achievement of targeted learning outcomes.
2) Teachers use educational activities that allow students acquire 21st century skills.
3) Teachers use different educational strategies to meet different learning styles.
4) Teachers run learning time according to the needs of students and requirements of the educational process.
5) Teachers use the available tools and facilities to its highest potential to engage students in learning.
6) Teachers engage external environment in teaching and learning process.
7) In case of merge, teachers should create learning environment suitable for special needs students.
8) Teachers design different assessment and evaluation methods that are consistent with the targeted learning outcomes.
9) Teachers should use the assessment results to improve instructions and the process of education.
10) Teachers should offer students remedial strategies to enhance their learning based on assessment results.
11) Teachers should attain collegiality and exchange experience with colleagues.
12) Teachers should be keen of developing themselves professionally.

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