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SUMMER VACATION: 4 ways to help
your kids get the most out of it

School is out!
Summer vacation is every kid's favorite time of the year.

They spend the last two months of the school year dreaming about what they are going to do, and the first two months of the school year thinking about what they did, and wishing it had not gone so fast! What can we do to make sure that they get the most out of it? Here are four suggestions I think you will like.

1. Schedule Their Day and Week
I didn't say the kids would like it. Kids need a schedule. Why should they spend the first 18 years of their life learning that you only have to work hard ten months out of the year? Is that reality? Do you get two months every summer to sleep in as late as you want, watch as much TV as you want, and do whatever you want? Of course not…that isn't life. I want my kids to be prepared for life. That starts when they are kids. Now, you don't need to go overboard and schedule every minute of every day, but a basic schedule should be in place.

Time to get up. If you have teenagers, this will be harder than with elementary ages, so start now and be firm. If you have to leave early for work, then tell your kids, that they can either get up at the time you say without complaining, or you will make sure they get up before you go to work in the morning. They will probably opt for a couple of extra hours of sleep.

Time to go to bed. This is easier if they get up on time. Kids shouldn't stay up till all hours of the night. It is not healthy, and it makes getting up with a good attitude much more unlikely. Even if you have a teenager and allow them to stay up later, they should still have a set bedtime. I personally don't think a teenager should stay up any later than his/her parents do.
Time to Do Chores. We will talk more about chores later in the list, but it is important that your kids know when they are supposed to do their chores each day.

Time to Eat Meals. I believe that every family should strive to eat at least one meal a day together, preferably at the table. However, that does not mean that the other meals should be eaten whenever your children feel like it. Part of the reason kids don't eat their food at dinner time is because they ate lunch so late, or because they were allowed to snack all afternoon. Eating should be scheduled. Trust me, it works.

2. Give Them Chores and Responsibility
Chores! I can hear your kids now, complaining about having to work on Summer Vacation. This is a great time to teach them about the reality of life. Here are some reasons that kids should do chores every day, even during Summer Vacation:
Chores are part of being a family. As a family we are supposed to work together. I teach our children that the word "Mommy" is not synonymous with "slave". It is not their Mother's job to do all of the work in the house. Among these chores are the following.

Taking the Trash
Clearing the Table
Washing Dishes
Loading the Dishwasher
Sweeping the Kitchen Floor
Feeding the Pets

We feel that all of these things are good for kids to do. They don't get a vacation from being part of this family, and that means they do chores even during the Summer.
Chores Teach Responsibility. I am training my children to be the kind of employees that companies will want to hire. We expect them to do their chores every day without being reminded. If they forget, then there are privileges that are taken away. Too harsh? What happens if they are given the task of locking the doors every night at their job? They have never learned to be responsible, so they leave the door unlocked and the building unsecured. How long do you think they will keep their position? My kids don't always appreciate the lessons I am teaching them, but I know they will benefit from them when they are adults.

Chores prepare them for independence. My boys are learning how to do laundry. They have learned how to wash dishes. These are chores for them. As they grow they will learn to do their own laundry. They will learn how to iron a shirt. I have begun teaching them to clean the car and to change the oil. Why? We do so because they will not always live at home and I don't want them looking for a mate simply for someone to "do" for them. If one of my sons must "bachelor" it for a few years, I don't want him living in a pig-sty simply because he does not know how to take care of himself. My parents taught me these things and I am glad. I went to college with guys who had no idea how to iron their shirts or do their own laundry. What a prize they were!

3. Encourage Them To Keep Learning
Learning is both profitable and fun. Encourage your sons and daughters to read, and apply new skills. Let them have hobbies with a purpose.
Your son or daughter may be different, but they still ought to learn something. One of the best ways for them to learn is to do things with you. When you are fixing something around the house or outside in the yard, let them tag along. Let them ask questions, and even better, let them help. The job will take longer, but the payoff will be ten times as large.
You will find that by encouraging them to learn, you will have children who have a much higher self-confidence and are happier overall. Video games and movies don't do that for your kids.

4. Make Memories on Purpose
If you are going to take a summer vacation as a family, go ahead. Let me encourage you to do something that will make great memories in the minds of your kids. Family vacations don't need to cost a lot of money, but they should be planned on purpose and they should include the entire family. You also don't need to take a two-week vacation. Sometimes just a mini vacation for a couple of days can be extremely fun. Don't let the summer pass without making memories with your kids. They will thank you when they are older.

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Candidacy Visit

American International Accreditation Association has successfully steered candidacy site visits to new schools planning to accommodate international program.

Schools are scattered at different Egyptian governorates including; 6th of October, Giza, and Helwan. The purpose of the visit is to establish positive rapport with school leadership, verify information provided in the application, as well as directly observe program resources and space on campus.

AIAA team members assure to address all school inquiries in reference to international standards and provide guidelines on steps needed to commence with their self-assessment process. Moreover, AIAA team facilitate the decision making process for schools for new programs by providing a written report of the visit.

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AIC Graduation Ceremony

With a cast of 15 graduates, guests, members of AIC faculty and staff, friends and family gathered for celebrating the success of new cohort at AIC Cairo campus.

The graduation took place at Edu Systems International main hall on July 10th, 2015. The ceremony commenced with a speech from the CEO of Edu Systems International who urged the graduates to take their role as changing agents where knowledge and skills will be transferred not only to students but also to their colleagues.

This has been followed by speeches from AIC international program directors who have warmly congratulated graduates on their achievement. Finally, throughout a festive cordial atmosphere, master degrees have been conferred to graduates who are now ready to move rapidly and progressively in the world of education and make significant marks in students learning.

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Customized Training

Committed to continuously improve the quality of teachers and school staff, Edu Systems International conducted professional development sessions geared to address the needs of schools.

Based on earlier needs assessment which included classroom visits, interviews, and documents checking, educators at ESI have provided workshops on curriculum development and design to have a solid foundation for teaching.

The purpose of the workshop is to equip teachers and school leadership with knowledge, skills, and guidelines on the concept of curriculum, structure, and techniques on effective alignment among standards, instruction and assessment. Moreover, participants were offered opportunities to demonstrate on how to address standards based curriculum on classroom level.

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Futures Alumni Launched

Futures Educational Systems is pleased to announce the launch of FES Alumni Website.

The mission of Futures Alumni is to foster and promote mutually beneficial relationship among Futures Educational System, community and Alumni through inter/intra communication at both national and international levels.

The website is designed where each graduate has his/her personal full profile. Moreover, website would provide the opportunity for users to build online community network via interactive messaging.

Annual calendar would be available on the website to assure that graduates are aware of the coming events and register to participate in gathering and activities. If you are an FES graduate, Hurry up and register at the following link:

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