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One to One Learning

Effective E-Learning is concerned with comprehensive, long-term programs that improve learning through access to capable technology, high-speed connectivity, effective teaching methods, and relevant content. It's a learning environment in which technology is used to create a 1:1 relationship between the student and the student's learning environment. An ideal 1:1 Learning environment begins with a dedicated laptop computer for each student and teacher that can be used at home and in the classroom; but it doesn't end there.
In a true 1:1 Learning environment, Internet, classroom connectivity, localized multimedia content and curriculum and digitised turn the child's computer; into a portal of a whole world of new resources.

Advantages of One-to-One Learning

1. Learning is flexible:
Students can take notes, gather data, or do research from wherever they are.
With classmate PCs, students have access to other teachers, students, and a choice of different resources, all available at times not constrained by classroom walls.

2. Adaptable Assessment:
Can be more immediate and continuous. Electronic quizzes and surveys with immediate teacher feedback; Performance Assessments/Projects.

3. Fosters Creative Problem-Solving
Multimedia applications are ideal for challenging students' creativity and problem-solving abilities.
In a 1:1 classroom, the students learn HOW to solve problems, to help them apply what they learn to future situations.

4. Allows Different Learning Styles
Teachers can provide students with multiple ways to learn and to demonstrate achievement.

5. Generates Motivation to Learn
Allows students to be active rather than passive learners.

6. Showing, documenting, and sharing learning
In a 1:1 classroom, projects can be saved electronically and can easily be reviewed at a later date to show evidence of learning, and can be shared with others across the globe.

7. Encourages Risk-Taking
Students are sometimes unwilling to risk a wrong answer. Laptops offer the option to easily create and change assignments and many chances to explore.

8. Improved computer troubleshooting skills
Since there will always be unexpected difficulties that arise, students and teachers learn strategies for dealing with problems and creatively come up with a backup plan.

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