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Begin with the End in Mind

Edu Systems International has worked in cooperation with Futures Educational Systems to successfully continue running a project based learning journey for high school students. The Begin with the end in Mind" project has started four month ago where teachers and students from different futures branches were fully engaged in meaningful authentic learning experiences.

The project rotated around the idea of establishing end goals that leads to better future for Egypt. Multidisciplinary fields were involved to provide students the opportunity to personalize their abilities and competencies and generate new ideas, products and techno applications that are valuable to society. Groups of students' from various schools have researched, tested and generated outcomes which have been shared in a one day conference to a wide variety of audience.

During the event, students have demonstrated their knowledge and skills to a wide range of school community members. Several ideas which included different fields of science, education, tourism and economy were part of the discussion. Honorable judging committee has questioned and examined students' ideas which paved the way for students to defend their tested ideas.

Needless to mention, the project based learning experience allowed students to remember what they learn and retain it longer than is often the case with traditional instruction. Because of this, students who gain content knowledge with PBL are better able to apply what they know and can do to new situations.

Finally, in a competitive festive atmosphere, students' have celebrated the winning groups which included Futures British School as the first winner; Futures International School took the second place and Futures Tech School as the third place. Al other participating schools have received certificates of achievements whereas teachers received certificates of appreciation for the outstanding professional work exerted during the project journey.