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Systems Development

A given school possesses different educational systems to deliver and transfer knowledge and skills for students of different grade level. Needless to mention, sustainability of effective educational program requires continuous improvement. This will assure successful implementation of the desired goals leading to fulfillment of mission.
ESI makes emphasis on the importance of systems development. Clearly, the process commences with a focused research on the existing system(s). This process provides clear and unambiguous facts on which elements that require development are identified. The current situation and standard situation are used following analysis to determine gaps. Planning and constructing a plan for development is considered essential phase in the process.
Furthermore, creating monitoring, evaluation and achievement strategies is integral part for systems development. ESI possesses knowledge and tools required to initiate, support and establish evaluation and advance the quality of education in a variety of systems. ESI works in close partnership with educators and administrators in a wide variety of settings to ensure that they have the knowledge and tools they need to support student learning.