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School Enterprise Management System "SEMS"

SEMS (Schools Enterprise Management System) is proposed as a complete K-12 school management system, a new full-featured Intranet / Internet Web-based system that were built completely for our Egyptian schools. It has all the experiences of internal schools logistics, processes and needed automation. It is also understood that such a system should be always enhanced and produce newer versions during operation and close interaction with new schools and new challenges.
The new system capabilities include the basics such as report cards, attendance, and discipline as well as many other specialized capabilities, including parental access to real time student grades on the internet and country wide support for multiple schools on a single, cluster or stand alone servers, Lacking of such system in schools can lead to a number of difficulties including:

No clear school IT strategy
Slow, costly tracking of records
Limited resources
Lack of dedicated staff

By implementing Smart School Management System it will greatly enhance the ability of the school to manage student records, attendance, grading and flow of work while the system will also provide them with an overall competitive advantage over their peer schools. This web based Smart School Management System is highly available, scalable and can be customized according to specific requirements of each school.

SEMS (Schools Enterprise Management System) solution is based on installing a Microsoft Windows 2003 server for each school that is less than 500 students, and two servers for the schools above 500 students for performance reasons where database will have a dedicated server, and the Schools Management System will be installed on the second.

When the application is used within the school, it uses the local area network (LAN) of the school. Parents, student, teachers or any authorized person can access the web site through the internet, using ID and password.

The main objectives of SEMS can be summarized as:

Provide an enterprise and centralized database for students and school administration.
Electronic data exchange between schools and management / Education Zones.
Electronically manage student academic and non-academic data.
Automate student registration and distribution between schools.
Automate student transfer between schools, grades, payment, return, discount and classes.
Electronically manage learning resources.
Electronically manage general request processing between Education zones and school.
Electronically manage class and teacher scheduling.
Automate communication between Education Zone and Schools.
Expedite reporting capability.
Electronically manage schools financial related issues.
Electronically manage school staff related issues.
Manage the mass amount of school document.
Standardize data architecture.
Electronically manage Student Secret number.
Electronically manage Student exam place.
All required Ministry reports.

To fulfill these objectives, the designed ESI SEMS components are:
Curriculum and Textbook
Test, Grades and classes
Control module
Registration and admission
Facility Management
Document Management
Inventory and Financial
Facility Management
School Assets
Teachers Time table
Student History

ESI SEMS Advantages

It runs on Windows 2000 & 2003 Server Operating System, the system uses Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and 2008 as its relational database, which allows the system to handle several users and transactions at the same time using smart Graphical User Interface.
The system is very easy to use, allowing the users to smoothly jump between all modules, screens and schools. Secured system through flexible configuration according to schools demands.
Upload feature that allows the school to have specific data and information to be viewed through the Internet using the Schools Portal or the direct school web site, keeping all the security constraints required by the school, where different parties can access it from anywhere (Student, Parents, Teachers, School Administration). Easy to enhance and add more features based on each school requirement.

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