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Believing in the importance of technology integration within the educational process, and looking forward for an era of e-learning and a world were digital curricula will lead. Edu system international has adopted the implementation of the Egyptian version of the well known and reputable website Skoool to come up with the Egyptian version of

The Aim of the Site:

Our main priority in providing Egyptian students with an enhanced e-learning experience is that our skoool technology content is aligned with the school curriculum here in Egypt'
Skoool portal is a free online resource designed to help students understand and explore key science and mathematics concepts.

Skoool portal is world wide project that have been implemented in more than 25 countries all over the world.
Skoool Egypt portal, offers the Egyptian National curricula for the Science and mathematics exactly as offered by the MOE.

Skoool portal offers the subjects in both English and in Arabic.

Lessons on Skoool
It should be noted that the Skoool Web Site provides the lessons with two different ways, STEPS in which lessons are explained as a number of steps follows each other using Multimedia presentation and different animation along with Narration that is Fun and simple thus Helping the students in a clear understanding of the different lessons objectives and allow easy and quick memorization of the given data.

The second method of explanation used in the skoool web site is The SIM Simulated learning object in the method the student interact with the computer to complete scientific experiment or a mathematical problem in an interactive, This Method will give an indication on the extent of the student understanding to the given information in the form of completing the experiment or solving the problem in the right way.

Further More the Site contains test questions after each lesson in order to make sure that the student has fully understood the material presented, It also provides learning Objectives and lesson plan for each and every lesson present on the site thus making it useful for teachers as a learning recourse that may be used in their lesson planning and preparation. Parents can also benefit from this option to follow up with their children on the material they are studying Back to top