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Schools Management

The ability to prioritize and organize an educational institution requires knowledge, skills and resources. This accompanying information will be helpful in managing the variety of school functions. Indeed, every school needs to have systems that help create the conditions for staff and students to work effectively together. Everyone appreciates simple, clear goals and effective processes. School systems provide and effectively communicate the ground rules for everyone. They ensure a measure of consistency in approach and action across the school.
ESI has the knowledge and skills that are required to assure effective school management and scrutinize the quality of education.
Moreover, tools are developed to facilities and ensure effective documentation which in turn assures quality of education. ESI School management includes but not limited to the following arena:
Curriculum for national and international programs.
Lesson planning that is based on learning outcomes.
Evaluation for students, teachers, administration and entire school.
Achievement reports.
Policies and procedures for effective and smooth running of school.
Summative and formative assessment for students.
Students code of conduct.
Teacher/Parent handbooks.

ESI works with schools every step of the way supporting them from drafting goals, curriculum and bylaws, to staff selection and training as well as staff development. ESI will help schools to develop management structures what will allow them to successfully maintain their schools as well as structures that will lead them to successfully assess their program.